10 August 2010

Propped Up

Thanks Serene, for the tip on propping up.

This is giving her some relief from her reflux/apnea/congestion, but it is a temporary solution.

By morning, the girl has torn through the plastered barricades.

The doctors can't yet figure out why she's unable to sleep, but I can't wait any longer for answers. I need to find a solution for Vera myself.

This is what I found after trawling the web: The Comfy Lift Bed™.

It seems to be the answer to my prayers. Reading the testimonial of the parents, it seems like we are not alone in dealing with sleepless reflux/apnea kids and there is hope.

It's made specially for toddlers up to 5 years old (for Vera that will be till she's 8-9) when baby wedges are too small.

Again, it's available only in the US (made by a man who had reflux himself and started a company making reflux sleeping beds in Texas) and it's quite pricey.

But this could be the long term solution to Vera's sleeping woes.

Comfy Lift Pediatric Reflux Bed Manufacturer Spotlight - Meet the Maker

After suffering from Acid Reflux Disease and Barrett's Esophagus, Horacio Rubio started the Comfort Lift Pillow Company now called the Positional Therapy Pillow Company. His company makes just about any gastric reflux bed wedge or bed wedge for acid reflux you could ever want.

After years of phone calls from moms of infants with reflux asking for crib wedges, Horatio was moved to try to do something for a little girl named Julia and other toddlers that were suffering from debilitating conditions like pediatric reflux, low oxygenation and sleep apnea.

According to Horatio, "Her mommy Jennifer poured her heart out to me describing the difficult lung and reflux disease Julia had and how much she loved her precious child. I had to try so I told her I would call her back with what I could come up with. In just one hour I had what is now helping many children with reflux achieve an inclined sleeping position!"

The Comfy Lift Bed™ is a specially designed bed able to incline a child in need of elevation due to a number of breathing and digestive disorders. The most common use of the Comfy Lift Bed™ is for pediatric reflux. Other pulmonary disorders such as lung diseases, sleep apnea, and congestion are among the uses of the Comfy Lift Bed™. Utilizing the natural law of gravity to keep the stomach acid down and the airways clear is the most natural and practical way of dealing with these difficult medical conditions.

The bed has specific features that elevate the child for better breathing in a manner that makes the child feel safe and secure. The side barriers position the child in a side sleeping position without strapping or restricting the child, which is preferred by most pulmonary physicians and GI pediatricians. The opposing foot wedges keep the child inclined and prevents dangerous sliding down to the bottom of a standard wedge or an elevated crib mattress.

Infants weighing approximately 15 pounds on up can begin to use this child bed in a crib (preferably with a Crib Tent™), placed on the floor, or in a toddler bed frame. As the child grows older the Comfy Lift Bed™ is uniquely designed to grow with the child, by simply removing some of the additional foot wedges and permitting the legs of the child to stretch out further. The Comfy Lift Bed™ helps children up to 5- 6 years of age.

Horatio and his wife Mary Alice have run the company based out of Corpus Christy, Texas since 1998 and have all the products made in the US.