08 April 2016

She's Fighting On

After doctors prepared us for the worst early last week, Vera surprised everyone including her parents with her fighting spirit.

She pulled back from the brink.

This is against the odds, given the severity of the ARDS that had taken over her lungs.

Now that she has stabilised from that ordeal, the aim is to slowly wean her from the drugs (minimise withdrawal symptoms), get her lungs to work more on their own again, and gear her up for extubation (take off the ventilator) in the next week. Need to give her time, as she's been through quite a lot. T18 mums have shared that these kids take their time to recover.

Meanwhile, Vera is facing new infections - a UTI and a secondary bacterial infection. She's still spiking fevers.

Hopefully, with the milk feeding, she'll slowly have more strength to continue the fight.