15 April 2015

Vera's Checklist

Checklist of a regular 7-year-old child:

Things to do in 2015
1. Chinese Enrichment
2. Swimming lesson
3. Art class
4. Piano lessons

Checklist of a 7-year-old child with multiple disabilities:

Things to do in 2015
1. Eyes - Detailed eye exam under General Anaesthesia (June)
2. Ears - Detailed ear exam (ABR), get fitted for Hearing Aid, drainage of middle ear fluid under General Anaesthesia (June)
3. Mouth - Begin Oral Tasting seriously and not in an adhoc manner (in progress)
4. Lungs - Get annual overnight Sleep Study done and adjust settings for optimal breathing support (done)
5. Feet - Get new pair of AFOs made (done)
6. Equipment - Get one size up Bath Chair (and figure out how to custom build a base that can fit into your shower area). (in progress)

These are the things Ian and I busy ourselves about.

So what about Daen?

Chinese Enrichment, Swimming lesson, Art class, Piano lessons are all the things I would like to give him, but as of now he is getting none of them. I can't keep it up, even if he can.