06 July 2012

Bath Chair Brainwave

Vera's getting heavier to lift, so we needed a raised bath chair where we could stand and bathe her. I'd wracked my brains for almost a year - looking at all sorts of pediatric bath chairs in the market but finding none suitable. They were either too bulky to enter our small shower area, or too expensive (the one that worked cost S$2500!)

Then came the a-ha moment: Why not use Vera's feeding chair as her bath chair? 

The material was perfect for bath use, there were no metal screws to invite corrosion (okay just one), and it was very lightweight. The cost? S$169, a fraction of special needs bath equipment.

Stand goes into the shower area first.

Chair is placed on top.

Suction mat prevents sliding.

Water collects in the chair, so Ian drilled some holes at the lowest point to drain it out.
Look how snugly it fits under the sink for storage!