19 May 2012

Off Day

Being in an industry notorious for long hours, I am lucky to be able to find a job that gives me the chance to work 4 days a week.

It is amazing what a regular weekday off can do for a mother's well-being.

It makes the whole role of juggling work and family that much more achievable.

You can see it on my face.

I get to spend it with Vera, spend it looking after them if they are sick, spend it on myself or with Ian. It's like someone handing you some cash every week and saying you can do whatever you want with it.


We're into the May flu season and we've all been hit to varying degrees. Vera has just come out of it, while Daen is still hacking away. Both have been staying away from school.

In fact, due to the prevalence of Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease, hydrotherapy lessons have been suspended, and that's the highlight of Vera's school activities. Hopefully the coming June holidays will break the spread of the epidemic.

I've been too caught up in work to document Vera's improvements. But I will, promise. Mostly, it's been in the vocalising department. We hear a lot more of her, besides complaining sounds, there are excitement sounds, and yakking sounds. Videos on the way.