01 December 2011

3 Years 9 Months

3 years 9 months holds special significance for me. 

That is how old Vera is now.

That is also how long Annalisa lived.

Annalisa was a Trisomy 18 girl that I found on the Internet when Vera was a few months old. At that time, I was desperate to find a living case of Trisomy 18, or a family in Singapore.

I looked her mother up, I needed to talk to someone in my shoes so bad.

I learnt that she had just passed on. Till now, I remember what her mother told me: "She lived 3 years 9 months". She also looked at Vera's baby photo and said, "Your child is special."

Ever since then, 3 years 9 months had become almost a benchmark in my mind. I've wished for Vera to reach this point, because Annalisa did. Tonight, I looked at Vera and could almost imagine the same goofy happiness Annalisa exuded in her videos. 

I've lost contact with her mother and so will not post pictures.

Sweet dreams Annalisa. Wherever you are.