19 September 2011

I Remember

I've been thinking long and hard about writing this post, and postponing it in the process.

Because the subject is one that 'haunts' every Trisomy parent, even if their child is stable and 'doing well'.

In the past 2 years, four of the children whose lives I have been following through blogs, have died.

Some of their mothers have been a source of comfort and support in our journey with Vera, some I know less well.

It doesn't matter that I have never met them, or that most live on the other side of the earth. Because of the intimacy of the internet, I feel their pain and heartache through their words.

Over time, I'd gotten into the habit of looking forward to posts from them, just to know how the kids are doing, if things are going alright.

And now, posts are few and far between. It is inevitable and I completely understand.

I sometimes wonder too, if I will lose the will to write, or need to write, without Vera around.

I cannot bear to take the blogs off my list. So I've created a new list, 'I Remember'.

For how can I ever forget following their journeys of fighting against frailty, hoping against hope and most of all, loving their child completely, tubes, IV lines and all.