05 June 2011

Beautiful Baby Ruth

Look at those eyes. So wide and alert.

This is baby Ruth. Another Singaporean baby born with Trisomy 18.

Another fighter who, despite a hole in her heart, and numerous hospital admissions and surgery, has survived for 7 months now.

Her parents are even more amazing. They learnt about her condition at 21 weeks in utero, and bravely chose to give her a shot at life, and let HER decide how long SHE wanted to live. It is the ultimate respect for life. And truly unconditional love.

From a birthweight of 2.1kg (Vera was 1.9kg), baby Ruth is now 5kg. It is the work of the wonderful invention of tube-feeding, impeccable nursing care, doctors and surgeons who go the extra mile, lots of LOVE and a higher power. And of course, Ruth's will to live.

As of now, she is still fighting for her life, awaiting heart surgery.

Please pray for this little baby.