12 May 2010

Sick So Easily

Vera falls sick so easily. With her, a common cold is exactly that - it's really common.

Already she's having to deal with assisted breathing with the BiPAP. Add a blocked/runny nose to the mix and breathing gets so tough for the little girl.

Our helper Beth is having to carry her (all 9 kilos) for hours in the night to get her to sleep.

And then she only sleeps for a short while - before she is awoken by blockage and is so upset that she has not slept enough.

To add to it, I tried Vera on another milk powder, as she doesn't really need Pediasure anymore cos she's putting on weight too fast. She reacted really badly after just 2 feeds. She started vomitting and having diarrhea. Just like a few weeks ago.

This time, I'm NOT gonna start her on antibiotics. It would just make the diarrhea worse and upset the tummy even more. We'll just have to let the cold run it's course.

One little change in anything has such a big impact on her. I am so scared to change her milk anymore.

Before, I could just focus on Vera. The difference is now, I have to be handling Daen as well.

The current situation is such:

I get up every night for the middle-of-the-night feeds for Daen. This is anything from 1am-5am.

Beth gets up every night because Vera needs water and milk feeds. This is anytime from 2am-5am. She seems to get thirsty with the biPAP blowing air continuously through her airway.

I get to sleep when Daen sleeps in the day (which is quite a lot).

She gets to sleep about an hour (chores/cooking need to be done).

I took over Vera last night from 2-5am (giving Beth a little sleep break), but the spillover is that Ian had to wake up for Daen.

Conclusion: You need 3 to take care of 2.

Thank goodness my mom has been coming in the daytime to keep that equation.