30 June 2008

A Word on Cliches

We've heard them all before. I used to rattle them off by heart as a young schoolgirl, phrases memorised to 'add colour' to one's English composition. Cliche they may be, but they hold so much more meaning to me now.

Don't cry over spilt milk
One night after expressing into the wee hours of the morning, I actually toppled the bottle. All the milk was lost, and I burst out crying. There goes what little precious I could give to Vera. There and then, I learnt the true meaning of this phrase.

Time heals all wounds
The wound to my heart of Vera's diagnosis is slowly healing with time, as we come to accept and embrace her for who she is.

Love is blind
Truly. Vera has little imperfections here and there, but I've realised I just don't see them anymore. Like her lateral cleft lip, her overlapping fingers, her cloudy eyes. To me, they are just Vera's lips, Vera's fingers, and Vera's eyes. As long as they smile, they are beautiful lips. As long as they grab my finger, they are beautiful hands. As long as they continue looking around, the most charming eyes.

Every cloud has a silver lining
For the first time, I actually visualise this phrase. Ah, so they are talking about the sun, peeping out from the edges of gloom! Isn't it beautiful? The cloud may be there, but the sun is there too, just hiding behind.

What old phrase will I see anew tomorrow? Only time will tell.