13 July 2010

Leaking New Button!

I am so pissed off.


Barely a day after changing her button, the new one is leaking! After all the trouble - hunting for it, getting a doc to change it, dealing with the bleeding, preventing her from turning and pressing on it - we are back to square one.

Either BARD has sold us a poor quality button, or it has been damaged upon insertion. But I'm not surprised. We had a new one leak after a month in the past.

Whatever it is, the little girl now most likely has to undergo ANOTHER button change - and the pain she's got to go through for NOTHING just hurts me to the core.

It doesn't help that she's still not pooing. And more cranky than happy most of the day.

I'm walking a tightrope trying to manage Vera's well-being/school/appointments and caring for Daen. It's possible, but it's issues like this that just tips the balance and throws me off kilter.

I know there'll always be some medical issue to deal with for Vera, but this is so unnecessary. You can bet I'm gonna insist on a free replacement.