16 May 2010

Daen's Birth Story

Hi Daen, this is the story of your birth, as told by Mommy's doula. Hope you will enjoy reading about it one day.

Daen Lau

Born March 26th, 2010


At 2:37pm

Dear Daen,

My name is Lauren and I’m a doula. I met your parents when they decided that they would like me to help them prepare for a calm and natural birth. What was even more special was that mummy was preparing to have a VBAC. I was very honoured that they wanted me to help!

I met your parents when mummy was about 30 weeks pregnant. She was getting so excited about meeting you. We talked about mummy trying for a VBAC and what your sister Vera’s birth was like and why she had to have a C Sect. As you know, Vera was not growing as she should and she had to be delivered early by Caesarean section.

We got along instantly but daddy needed more convincing about a VBAC! I would come to their apartment and teach HypnoBirthing, daddy was not sure mummy could manage a VBAC, but I think this motivated mummy even more and I think daddy was just trying to protect mummy in the best way he knew how…

A day before you were born, mummy had started to experience warm-up labour, and she thought you had moved into a posterior position. So I came to see her to make some suggestions late that night. I demonstrated some positions and told her not to worry, it didn’t matter what position you were in now. You would move during labour and it would all be OK – I was right!

I got a call in the morning saying that the labour had progressed so I came over again at around 7:40am. Mummy was doing so well, following her body's lead and daddy was keeping Vera company, making her laugh. We continued for a while and daddy went out to get mummy some bananas. Then mummy started to feel a bit of pressure in her bottom and I could tell from the noises she was making that labour was progressing, so we agreed to move to the hospital.

We arrived at 10:20am and nurse Cheryl got us all set up in the room and mummy had all the routine procedures done. Mummy had a slight temperature but everything else was good and you had a strong steady heartbeat and mummy was free to move around.

I knew mummy was in active labour as she was bossing daddy around, but she was being so brave as the surges she was feeling were strong! She felt very comfortable sitting on the toilet seat and daddy was supporting her. He noticed that her perineum was stretching out; I had a look and agreed. I thought you were being close to being born so I suggested she have a VE. Mummy had moved to the birthing stool and Dr Paul came to examine mummy at 1:30pm and he said she was only 6cm! I was shocked and so was mummy, we thought that mummy was fully dilated! Dr Paul told mummy not to push and it would be a while yet…..

I got the bathtub filled up as quickly as I could and got mummy in there and she loved it! I wanted take her mind off the VE she just had, and I thought her membranes had ruptured so the surges might be getting stronger.

About 15 minutes later, I thought I could hear mummy bearing down, and I asked if I could look with my torch, and sure enough I could see your head emerging! I could the nurse to call Dr Paul but she was more concerned about getting mummy out of the tub. I got another nurse to call Dr Paul quickly, and mummy had moved back onto the birthing stool and we were trying to dry her off and keep her warm.

I could see how fast you were coming and I knew Dr Paul wasn’t going to get there on time, so Midwife Serena was standing by to deliver you. I was holding the torch and you were crowning and then quick as a flash you popped out and Serena just caught you and placed you on mummy’s chest!

Mummy got to have a cuddle with you right away and you looked at your parents for the first time, you knew their voices, and your mummy was so happy she got to have a vaginal birth! Dr Paul arrived and couldn’t believe mummy delivered so quickly! He saw to mummy and tidied her up and then you latched onto mummy’s breast with no problem and we all gave you some private time to get to know each other and have a good cuddle.

You and your parents didn’t stay long in the hospital so I came to see you at home a couple of days later and what a happy baby! Your parents were thrilled to bits - as well as Vera your big sister. You are so blessed to have such a lovely family and they are lucky to have you in their lives. I wish you all the best for your future and know you will grow to be a handsome, confident and successful young man.