14 July 2015

Wheat-free Boy

It’s been 2 months since Daen’s arthritis flared up. 

The first time it happened, it took 6 months to tame and 1.5 years of injections.

This time, it seems to have subsided much faster.

It coincides with our decision to take him off gluten (mainly wheat). Gluten has been found to provoke an inflammatory response in the body. With his condition active again, we didn’t want to further tax his body.

Here are some simple changes we’ve made:

Instead of bread or cereal, he eats sweet potatoes and rice. Thankfully there are more and more gluten-free products on the shelves too. Like gluten-free Cheerios : )

For snack, in place of buns, cakes, pastry, we give him nuts, prunes, berries, fruit and gluten-free cookies.
We hope to keep it up.

Now that his flare has subsided, I’m taking a really deep breath and enjoying the calm of July.