05 November 2008

Stand Up & Be Counted

"5% is not 0%" says fellow mom Connie.


So why don't we find strength in numbers? Why don't we collate and compile our own living case studies of our fighter children? Why don't we - instead of tell medical professionals - let them see for themselves at a glance, the living, breathing 5%. The ones with the 100% personalities. And 110% will-to-survive.

I'm on a mission to make this simple, emailable document - 1 picture, 1 paragraph on each of our living children. Email it to me. Once I've compiled a sizeable number, I can email it out to mothers who can then print it out easily.

Let's take the lead from Vera, holding on to the settee, insisting on standing when she can't yet sit up.

Let's stand up and be counted.